two in the folk who keep the dead down

Bienvenue, visitor. You have reached Does the walker choose the path?, a humble dedication to the Old Kingdom Series (also known as the Abhorsen series) by author Garth Nix. Once a trilogy, this series now features five books, two short story collections, and a novella; set in the titular Old Kingdom, these books largely tell the stories of a particular set of denizens of the Kingdom Ė the Abhorsens, and their kin. The Abhorsens are a family of necromancers, but unlike those that make the dead rise, the Abhorsens' purpose is to lay the dead back to rest. That's the ice-breaker, at least! If you're a fan of strong female characters, fantasy kingdoms, maps and magic with laws and rules, this is the series for you.

Navigation is to your right. (Maybe far to your right, depending on your screen size.) The site is presently under construction and is, at best, a work in progress, and some areas of the site are as of yet inaccessible. Please pardon the dust in the meantime! If you're looking for the TFL approved fanlisting, it's over here.

Please be aware that this site is not spoiler free, and spoilers will be unmarked. Watch your step! That said, this site is extremely newcomer friendly as it will, over time, come to explain all the seriesí core ideas, themes, characters and terminology - thatís the long term aim.

Last, but by no means least, this tribute is run and maintained by Rems. Feel free to direct any questions or comments to me via email. Updates can be found over at my Construction Zone thread over at Amassment, whose initial event saw this siteís initial launch; Iíll be using it to mark my progress. Enjoy your stay!